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Have a Better Smelling Home with Our Steam Cleaning Services in
Omaha, NE

Steamatic of Omaha, Inc. offers a variety of steam cleaning and other services in Omaha, NE. Learn more about what we can offer you.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

We use both heated water and a water softener for dirt and bacteria removal without damage to your floor from excessive soap or chemicals. This is how it works: the water is able to dissolve and break up the dirt without fiber damage or super wet carpets. Our proprietary recirculating system keeps the water hot through moving it from tank to wand. Our vacuums get rid of dirty water and leave a beautiful, clean floor behind.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts can quickly become dirty from neglect and harm the indoor air quality. We use our patented products to break up and remove all debris throughout the duct.

Furniture Cleaning

With our hot water extraction system, we can remove stains and dirt to make your furniture look beautiful again. We also offer our Lambrite dry cleaning technique to lift stains out of your delicate draperies that will dry in minutes.

Emergency Services

We offer emergency remediation services for fire, water, and mold. Don’t let the damage claim your home or business. We can easily work with your insurance to get you the best claim possible. Don’t delay. For any information on these services, call us today at 402-331-1116.

Steamatic Of Omaha, Inc.

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